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Positive Psychology Consultancy for Workplaces

Hello Brides! 

One on One 


Do you ever get a feeling like you could use a little support through your life journey?


Maybe sometimes you feel like, you need to have a self-care time so that you can gather your thoughts and emotions and see things from a different; a more happy and compassionate perspective.


Or maybe you feel like, you could use a space; to talk and to organise your thoughts and emotions as well as to focus in both your professional and personal life. 

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Or simply, you just want to work on yourself to be happier, to experience more positive emotions such as joy, serenity, love and more. 


Then positive psychology might be for you. Keep reading! 


 It’s important to note that positive psychology is helpful for individuals without any clinical diagnose.

If you want to;

Cultivate happiness


Apply happy behaviour and thinking to your daily life 


Practice to live and see your life through a loving, kind and compassionate perspective


Practice love, compassion, forgiveness, self-esteem in your life


Be more mindful 


Nurture your relationships


Have a direction in life 


Work on the direction of your career, plan further steps in your career 


Start a new career journey


Find about your strengths and its application ways 


Apply positive psychology in your life to increase your happiness and well-being


Then let’s work together!

Group Workshops



Positive psychology interventions also have great results on a group level too! 


The topics can vary from mindfulness to character strengths. 


Some of the special group workshops include:

- Self-care and happiness workshops for

general groups

- Well-being and positive education for mothers

- Positive education for children

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Positive Psychology Consultancy for Workplaces


Increase well-being, happiness, productivity and creativity in the workplaces by applying  the positive psychology interventions. 


Facilitate positive psychology workshops to nurture the relationship between employees.


Facilitate positive psychology interventions such as mindfulness, teambuilding, leadership skills, stress management. 

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Positive Psychology Marketing

Positive psychology consultancy for creating marketing strategies that will increase the interaction between your brand and customers.   

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Hello Brides!


Dear Brides,


This one is special to you.

Let's co-create the tools specifically for you, the bride! 

Personalised positive psychology toolkits to support you to enjoy your wedding day and to enjoy the wedding planning journey (ex: mindfulness, journaling… ).





Wedding well-being 


Enjoying the day 

Fostering relationships 



Handling Situations


Mindset Challenges


Getting Organized

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