Recent updates from Art of Life Co.

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

1 - I gave suggestions on skincare for it to feel like an act of self-care for Clinique Türkiye Instagram.

During the video, I provided some practical applications as well as giving scientific evidence about the topic.

2 - For Divarese Instagram stories, I shared my suggestions about ways to add moments of positivity to our daily life at home.

3 - We finished a workshop series with two different groups. The theme was Self-care Sunday, special for isolation days. There were lots of sharing, caring, and understanding. Grateful for having new Art of Lifers in our community!

4 - Gökçe Algan mentioned Art of Life Co. in her article at L’Officiel May issue.

5 - I kept writing regularly for Most of my recent articles were about coping strategies during Covid_19.

Here are the topics I wrote about:

  • Suggestion to be productive at home,

  • 5 ways to feel better during isolation,

  • 5 ways to be socially active during isolation,

  • 5 ways to protect your relationship with your partner during the lockdown.

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