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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

How about starting your week with some positive news over the last month? Here you'll find some news to put a smile on your faces. Nothing too big... just some positive highlights from the pop culture updates.

1 - Celebrating Earth day! All together on social media.

Photos via Instagram: @originsturkiye, @mindykailing, @jennifergarner (left to right)

2 - Cher saving the world's most lonely elephant Kaavan is now a documentary.

Kaavan was gifted to Pakistan by the government of Sri Lanka in 1985 (So sad. I know!). He was isolated from his natural environment and was very lonely. Due to his difficult situation, Kaavan was also having psychological problems. When Cher heard about this, she did everything she could to save him. And of course, she was successful! The story was so touching that it deserved a documentary. The documentary was released last month.


3 - Harry Styles breaking the gender roles in the coolest way possible, one again...

Photo: Harry Styles and James Corden on The Beloved Show


4 - Jane Fonda was the guest of the "I weight" podcast by Jameela Jamil!

Link for the podcast:

6 - 17th anniversary of "13 going on 30" ... ICONIC!

This movie is a happy memory for us! Savouring the past... Anyone else?

7- Mango will be %100 sustainable soon!

The Spanish clothing company has announced that their garments will be %100 sustainable by the year 2022 with a pleasing video.

To watch the video:

8- Saved the best to the last... Taylor Swift will be the first female winner of global icon Brit award!

To read the full article:

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