Positive Psychology is the scientific study of happiness and well-being. It helps us to live a life with more meaning and with a direction. 


As a positive psychology consultant, I help individuals and groups to apply positive psychology into daily life. 


I also love to write about positive psychology!


I write about the application of positive psychology to daily life to live with authentic happiness.


The articles in the news, self-care and relationship sections will involve various popular topics and events from a positive psychology perspective. 

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Welcome to Art of Life! 


Happiness and well-being is a package and involves a great amount of things; 


Self Care 


At the very beginning, we need to be caring, be loving and compassionate with ourselves. And self-care is for mind, body, and spirit.







We also need to be loving and compassionate with others. We need to put effort and make time for love and relationships. This will build connection and unity with others and with the universe, which will create meaning in your life.



Daily life application 


Of course, these all need effort. Hopefully, with the articles on this website and with my services (one on one consulting, group workshops, etc.), happiness concepts and skills will be more clear, more applicable and even fun to do!






Media is something we are exposed to all the time. Here, with Art of Life, we will try to look at pop culture from a positive psychology perspective. 



Last but not least; 


Positive psychology is all science-based, so you can trust it!!  

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